Team Building Games

A List of Games Collected for Dance Teams


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 Whether you need to take a break and have fun during practice, get to know each other better, or improve team cohesion and communication...there is something for everyone!

"Practice isn't any fun anymore."

"Practice is dragging. It's so hard to get anything done."

We've all spent hours and hours cleaning routines and getting ready for competition.

Sometimes that work feels pointless.

You drill the same section of the routine over and over again. Then the next practice all the work you've done seems to have vanished. 

You start over again, frustrated and tired.

Practice isn't fun anymore.

I can't keep doing this.

Sometimes the best medicine is to take a break.

Maybe all they really need is to stop and laugh again.

Remeber that they are a team. Remember that they want to be together.

When you take a break and LAUGH, miracles can happen.

Your team has a chance to breath.

Stess oozes out as they remember to have fun again.

team building

But who has time to plan for a team building game on top of everything else you have to do?!?

NO ONE DOES!! That's why I've done the work for you.

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