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How to Inspire Confidence:

A Guide for Passionate Coaches 


You know that in order for your dancers to perform and compete at their best, they have to be confident. 

But are you stuck on how to make that happen?

Many coaches struggle to inspire confidence in their dancers, even though we know it's important.

Competitng without confidence can lead to anxiety, fear, resistance, and a weak performance.

Competiting without confidence will never allow you to reach your full potential.

Without confidence, you will always hold back.

In fact, in my experience even the most technically talented dancers will experience failure and quit a sport they love if they are not confident.

How do you help your dancers learn how to be confident? 

I'm excited to share my insights with you, but first I have a question:

What would it feel like to have a whole team of confident athletes?

  • You walk into a competition feeling calm, clear, confident, and focused. NO STRESS!
  • You don't have to worry about what they are thinking about because you know they are locked in
  • You watch your athletes acheive their dream performance because they are able to leave it all on the floor
  • You know your athletes are resilient to setbacks, they keep fighting for their goals no matter what. THEY ARE ON FIRE!

If you have ever wished your dancers had more confidence, you're not alone.

Even seasoned veteran coaches find themselves stuck at times. 

Stuck listening to their own confidence deamons.

It's not just us as coaches either. Sometimes dancers get in their own head and hold themselves back.

If you have ever felt lost when one of your dancers clearly needs your help to battle his or her confidence deamons and you're not sure how to help, you are not alone.

That's why I've created a solution...

The How To Inspire Confidence e-book is a guide for passionate coaches to help you understand confidence and learn how to inspire your team.

“There are fantastic resources out there, but none like her. Chelsea is the sole person that changed my team's trajectory this season. Taking her advice, I was able to meet with my team the next day and from that moment on, my dancers have been completely different. They are more confident. They truly believe in themselves. Chelsea's information gave me the tools I needed to help my team when I didn't know how.

I recommend her book to anyone and everyone who is a coach, consultant, or teacher in the dance community. Her knowledge is more than just the standard.

It's pure gold." 

Anna Miller

 National Champion Dancer & Choreographer

“Chelsea is such an amazing person, coach, and friend! We connected via social media after I reached out to a dance team coaches forum with a concern about my team. Chelsea offered her time and knowledge to me in a two hour phone conversation that ultimately changed the remainder of the season for me and my team. 

Chelsea is a master of sport psychology, and I highly recommend her to any coach seeking to expand themselves as mentors and leaders, or if you just need assistance with the trials and tribualtions of coaching!"

Nichole Martin

Coach / Choreographer / Trainer Starr's Mill Pantherettes


Confidence is complicated, and there's not one easy fix to help everyone. 

That's why I created this e-book to teach you about confidence, so you can understand where it comes from and how you can cultivate it. 

If you understand how it works, you can apply it to any dancer and any situation.

Plus there are these other great benefits:

  • Create your go-to statement when your dancer says “I’m scared, I can’t do it.”
  • You’ll know what to say to your dancers right before they take the competition floor to ensure they don't hold back
  • Learn where confidence comes from, so you can come up with new strategies as your team changes and you need new ideas.
  • Learn how to build up your own confidence first so you can inspire your team.
  • Learn 10 concrete strategies you can take home to your team TODAY!

Here's What You Get...



  • Behind the Scenes of Confidence
  • The Confidence Model
  • The Sources & Consequences of Confidence
  • Inspired Circles of Confidence
  • Becoming a Confident Coach
  • 10 Reliable Strategies to Inspire Confidence

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So I'm including two bonus items, just because the teacher in me can't help myself!

BONUS #1: Discussion Questions for Your Team


This packet of discussion questions was created for you to help take what you've learned and inspire your team. 

Use these questions to outline a great team conversation and start inspiring confidence!

BONUS #2: Workbook

This workbook was designed to help you understand and take in what you're learning so that you can reflect on how to implement your new knowledge into your every day coaching life. 

It's a must have to really get the most of the book!


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Grab Your e-Book Now for just $18 and get the Workbook & Discussion Questions as my gift!

This book gives YOU the chance to unlock your athletes' best performance.

This ebook is perfect for you if...

  • You are a brand new coach looking for support on this new adventure
  • You had a difficult year and are starting to feel burned out
  • There is a dancer on your team that you just can't seem to reach
  • You've had parents, administrators, athletes, (ANYONE!) in your head telling you you're not enough

Hi, I'm Chelsea - Your Mental Performance Coach

I’m an inspired and passionate scientist with a goal to start a ripple effect of growth and change. 

I have a Ph.D in Sport Psychology and over a decade of coaching and teaching experience.

I believe in education that connects, inspires, and gives coaches the support they deserve so that they can give the same inspiration and support to their athletes.

Don’t wait, get the confident team you've always wanted!


When you learn the science behind confidence, you'll finally understand how to unlock your dancers' full potential.

  • I've created this 40 page e-book to give dance coaches a reference made epecially for them. We are our own breed of coaches and I like it that way!
  • As a dancer myself, I understand our world and what makes us unique and special. I took years of formal education, research, and teaching, combined with years as a coach to create this e-book on inspiring confidence just for you. 
  • This e-book not only explains the science of confidence, but explains how your leadership style (and that of your captains) influences the confidence of your athletes. 
  • It walks you through the three sources of confidence, the three consequences of confidence and the complex interactions between them. 
  • I finish with 10 concrete strategies you can take to your team today. All for small investment of $18.

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